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Welcome to The Flying Foreigner a modern flying hippie lifestyle blog. That’s a mouthful right? For almost 2 years I have been trying to really find my niche and it turns out I am more than just 1 topic and I can’t limit myself to just one item of conversation. Unlike my vlogs where I take you right into the airports, layovers, and my life general; I want to use this blog to take a look at the smaller parts of my world. To go in deep into the layovers that aren’t “Youtube” worthy, my small tips and tricks to building a sustainable life, and focusing on joy.

Just one moment where I took to enjoy my own aesthetic without guilt.

I am a 26 year old flight attendant for a major US carrier. This past June I turned 26 and had a major existential crisis on how nothing in my life was how I wanted it. Everyone else in my family was married with children by this point and that was essentially the opposite of how my life has been going. Dumped twice, moved through 3 cities, and forever struggling with debt. My depression was an undercurrent leaving most experiences with a shadow of “not good enough”; I thought I wasn’t good enough.

Luckily, the Dallas heat, sun, and a wonderful roommate has really forced myself to take a deep freaking look at my health, my heart, and my soul. Delving back into my burgeoning spirituality my heart felt awakened as authors wrote the thoughts and feelings I had so long buried in my subconscious. Though my depression is still an undercurrent in my daily life I am pushing through inspired by the amazing content creators that share their unique view and beauty of their world around them. At this time, encouraged my by success on youtube and instagram, small as it is, I also want to share the beauty of my world with all of you.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this blog as we delve into the world of a modern traveling hippie.